Go away, Stress. Jeez

  1. Get rid of stressful obligations and negative friends. You come first, and if you notice that you are really stressed when, say, editing the newspaper, or after hanging out with Bob, maybe its time to say goodbye to the job … or to Bob. You come first:)
  2. Imagery: Imagine what you really want in life
  3. Excercise. Do whatever it is that you love, even a short walk will make huge changes to your mood. More and more regular excercise will really release the endorphins and lower your stress
  4. Write in a journal, or a blog
  5. Ask yourself: “Can I do anything about this now, or am I just worrying for no purpose?”
  6. Go to a yoga class
  7. Breathe in for four breaths and breathe out for four breaths
  8. Listen to your favorite music, and/or search for new music
  9. Hone your time management skills. Make a to-do list and set alarms
  10. Eat fresh, whole foods, and balanced meals! <——helps so much
  11. Declutter your space
  12. Put inspiring quotes, positive images/posters, and soothing colors and lights around your space
  13. Express yourself and what you really need in relationships
  14. Decrease the coffee and caffeine—(it increases stress levels)
  15. Don’t procrastinate
  16. Control the controllables, all else let be
  17. Drink green tea
  18. Go to bed earlier
  19. Surround yourself in situations that include lot of laughter
  20. Remember that nothing is ever as bad as it seems and nothing in life is irreversible. Nothing. And, finally, look for happiness in the little things.